One Ocean Adventures of Ed The Bear
Ed the Bear has come along for a sailing adventure onboard Moondancer. He has travelled all over the world in the name of ocean conservation but never onboard a little sailing boat like this and so is very excited to share with you his adventures but first let’s hear a little about his background…

Concerned about the dangers of climate change and other global threats to his beach in Shoreham, Ed the bear has been a visiting experts all around the world to learn more about the ocean, the wildlife, how we all benefit from the ocean and how the oceans are in danger. Ed has also witnessed some amazing wildlife and habitats on his travels. Ed the Bear shares these experiences and knowledge with local schools through events and also through his travels. “Local is really just a part of the global that is closest to where we live” as Ed likes to say..

There is only one ocean and while we may not realize it, we depend on the ocean every day. It controls our climate, creates our weather, provides fresh water and 50% of our oxygen. The ocean is a source of food, a means of travel, recreation and a source of inspiration. The ocean is also home to an amazing biodiversity
A healthy ocean is a crucial part of a healthy planet.
We are all contributing to the damage caused to the marine environment and eventually us all. We don’t need to be living near the coast to cause this damage, this is true even if we live many miles inland. This is because we are all contributing to a global problem.
And of course it is equally true that we will all suffer the effects of this damage, even if we live miles from the ocean.
To understand how we are damaging the oceans we first need to appreciate how global ocean systems work. Whether we want to protect the oceans to ensure our own future, or to protect the amazing biodiversity in the ocean, the actions and results are the same.”
Ed has become an inspiration to the rest of us onboard Moondancer since he joined us a month ago. His stance on the importance of ocean conservation has opened our eyes and forced us to think deeply about our responsibilities towards the health of our beautiful blue planet.
Check out more stories of his adventures and various projects on his own website at and his blog at