The Journey

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Many hear the call whispered by the wind along the rocky shores, or hidden in the song of the breeze that licks our cheek with a freshness that holds a promise of untold mysteries. What lays beyond that distant horizon? A question that folk have pondered for millennia, and a few do follow their heart’s journey to find out.

The open sea reflects every aspect of our for-ever shifting weather patterns. She swells and rages forth with the greatest of powers and she mellows and stills in the most peaceful of blissful calms. She cradles our little boat and we have just to work with that which she offers us, learning how best to set the sails and make the most of the breeze that blows. We cannot be in a hurry on this journey and must learn the patience to work with the nature we experience rather than battling to dominate and control. We take the middle path of course and work within the limitations of our modern world. We email and skype, we check the weather on grib files and track our journey on an iPad and we also have Margery Perkins, our 28horse power 3 cylinder diesel engine, but the dream is the same and the ocean remains her own ruler.

The destination some how seems strange to speak of as it really does become about the journey at hand. A few years ago Ed returned to one of his favorite places in the world cycling 10,000 km alone to West Africa.

“I crossed desserts and mountains, through cities and forests but really my encounter was with myself, our ever changing natural world and a generous human spirit that lives in the people I met upon the road. I was told it was a crazy thing to do, it was dangerous, and that I would be robbed, or worse but my experience was quite different. One nation warned me of another when in fact their neighbor turned out to be ever more open hearted and welcoming. I would love to return to Kwinella close to the banks of the Great River Gambia, and perhaps we will sail there.”

There are plenty of extraordinary places to be along the way.

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