The Skipper

Ed has always been enchanted by the magic of the sea and the beauty of boats and is no stranger to low carbon travel having cycled 10,000 km alone from the UK to West Africa in 2011. He has been the proud owner of Moondancer for three years lovingly preparing her for this journey and now takes on the role of skippering her for the passage south. He co-founded Movingsounds ( with Keith Ellis 10 years ago leading creative workshops with all sorts of folks and now leads trainings and youth projects all over the world exploring themes of empowerment and environmental education and hopes that this journey will continue to develop a work that inspires others to follow their own dreams to create a more beautiful world.

The Captain

Captain Casparo steps into his natural piratical ways as he surveys the distant horizon stroking his beard singing sea shanties to the wind. He is a longtime member of the Movingsounds team leading creative workshops, and performing together for many years. He is now a respected teacher of bush craft, permaculture and nature connection working across Europe and Africa supporting so many people on their own journey of connection to self and our planet. A lover of the wilderness and deep listener to spirit he sailed the good ship south for the first two months of the voyage and Moondancer looks forward to his return someday soon.

The Admiral.

Gani Naylor has always had a strong connection with the sea growing up in Cornwall and surfing the waves when ever he gets the chance weather it’s the Atlantic swell on board Moondancer or on his surfboard searching out the best breaks along the coast. He is also a musician, story teller and film maker and workshop facilitator working internationally  inspiring many with his creative ways. Gani was there every step along the way of this journey all the way to Moondance’s destination up the River Gambia. His confidence in the project and un wavering support made the whole thing happen!

Ed the Bear

Ed is a well-travelled bear. He has dived in coral reefs in his own submarine, visited Antarctica, Hawaii, South Africa and all around the coasts of America. He visits scientists and school children exploring the global issues of ocean conservation and now for the first time embarks on a sailing trip of the Atlantic coast to learn more about the sea in new ways.

The Commordore

Geoff loves sailing and has done his research preparing for this big trip. He will be joining us for various parts of the journey along with his trumpet and always impeccably dressed in shirt, tie and spats bringing an effortless jazz tone to the passing breeze. He is a graphic designer by trade and a family man back home but cannot resist the calling of a journey at sea.

The Crew.

His self-chosen humble title disguises the fact that he is indeed a mentor to us all. Nick brings the experience and wisdom of a lifetime sailing all sorts of boats and has crossed the Bay of Biscay many times before. His endless positivity and calmness always lights up the journey. We also works together on Lifebeat residential youth camps ( where he hosts the most fantastic transformational experience for many young people every year.

The Doctor

I don’t remember how Yoann got the name as The Doctor…. Maybe he had a medical qualification or something. He was also know as El Pescador because of his dedication and success to the cause of catching fish along the Journey. We picked up Yoann at Lagos Marina in the South of Portugal looking for a ride to the Canaries and spent 5 great days together out at sea sailing south. He went on to cross the Atlantic and was planning to round the world hitch hiking. We wish him every success for his journey.

The Galley Cat

Ali has witnessed this whole crazy idea develop over the last few years and came to be a part of the journey with her son Leo. She is also a fantastic musician and workshop facilitator and whilst in the Canaries we hit the streets to play a little Cumbia to the people until we were shut down by the police and told that we needed a permit to busk. Massive respect to all that you do Ali!!!

Leo The Guvner

The youngest member of the crew came to visit in the Canaries. He’s just as at home on a boat as he is behind a drum kit, a guitar, a sketch pad, a football or on a skateboard. We had good times jamming together on a little guitar gifted by our Scandinavian neighbours, and had the chance for a little day sail together, and some comedy wake boarding … More adventures to come i’m sure!

The Ship’s Kat

Kathy joined us for a week in Spain and Portugal to experience a taste of life aboard, singing and dancing her enchanted way with Moondancer. As an experienced workshop facilitator and theatre practitioner she brings a whole array of skills and vibrancy for the journey. … Then she re-apperaed in the Cape Verdes cruising the Islands and overcoming her seasickness ready for the final crossing to West Africa.

The Nordic Princess and Captain Greenbeard

Our Scandinavian guests were stow-aways from the good ship Njord who joined us in the canaries for adventures around the islands. They brought great musical joy and expertise in sailing viking ships and oh how we laughed the days and nights away.

Piskey Lead

Aka fanny Cradick, or even Kat when back at home on land. She is an experienced sailor and Falmouth based lover of classic boats. She appeared on the pontoon when we arrived at the Cornish port hosting us so beautifully it seemed so natural that she should become part of our blessed voyage. She is an inspirational meditation teacher, community organiser and full power mover and shaker. We thank her for her presence on Moondancer and support for the project.

Scarlet Macaw

Liane joined the boat in the Canaries to crew until the Cape Verdes but ended up staying on board for 2 months all the way to West Africa. She is a natural sailor never getting sea sick or phased by the continuous role of the ocean or climbing the mast and even took the art of extreme heads to the next level. She is also a facilitator and artist bringing joyous improvised poetry and games to the voyage.


The first African to crew on board Moondancer. GBoy joined the skipper to sail Moondancer back down to the River Gambia from the village of Tendaba to her new home at Lamin Lodge where she continues to swing on her mooring amongst the Mangroves. GBoy is also currently the caretaker of our much loved boat keeping an eye on her and looking after her through the rainy season until the skipper returns in January 2017.